User Guide

Our approach is to make it easy for our customers to obtain quality scaffolding and we do this by having a simple but effective methodology that ensures we understand and meet your objectives.


Step by step guide

From your no obligation quote, to dismantling the scaffold.

  • Step 1 – Get a Quote
  • Step 2 – Measuring up
  • Step 3 – Calculating a price
  • Step 4 – Sending you your quote
  • Step 5 – Accepting the quote
  • Step 6 – Booking you in to our work scheduling system
  • Step 7 – Erecting your scaffold
  • Step 8 – Your Invoice
  • Step 9 – Off hiring the scaffold
  • Step 10 – Dismantling the scaffold
Step 1 – Get a Quote

Getting a quote couldn’t be simpler, you can email us at, fill out the contact form on the contact us page, or simply give us a call on 01803 867486.

What you will need to tell us:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The address where you need scaffolding
  • What you need the scaffolding for
  • How many weeks you will need the scaffolding
  • When you are hoping to have the work done
  • Whether you need or would like to be present when we come to measure up
  • Where you heard about us (so we know which of our marketing methods work)
Step 2 – Measuring up

Either at a pre-arranged time or within a day or two after an enquiry we will come to measure up. Unless it is a particularly large or complicated job, this should only take a few minutes. We need to know heights and widths of all elevations requiring scaffolding and will be looking out for any obstacles as well as restricted access and any hazards that would form part of a health and safety risk assessment.

Step 3 – Calculating a price

The price comprises two components, labour cost and the hire cost of equipment. Balancing these costs is complex and we have developed a spreadsheet that does much of the work. This gives us consistency, with price established by proven formula not wild guess.

Step 4 – Sending you your quote

We prefer to send you a quote in writing, either via email or in the post but if you need your price urgently, we will always phone this through. Please read your quote carefully as it contains a description of the service we are proposing just in case we have misunderstood your requirements. In addition, if the scaffold affects neighbouring properties we will ask you to gain all necessary permissions. Most neighbours are understanding, providing they know what is going to happen in advance.

Step 5 – Accepting the quote

You will need to either phone or email us to accept the quote at which time we can agree the date for erecting the scaffold. We will always try to meet your requirements but we are often busy with a one to four week lead-time so book early to avoid disappointment. Please be very clear about the date required and whether the scaffolding needs to be ‘up for’ or ‘up on’ a certain date. Sometimes confusion occurs if a customer says they need scaffolding on a certain Monday for example but it turns out that this is the date the trade using the scaffold is due and we needed to erect the scaffolding a few days before.

Step 6 – Booking you in to our work scheduling system

We have a work scheduling system that fixes the date for your scaffolding and ensures that we have all the resources, both labour and materials we need to complete the job in a timely manner. Once fixed, we guarantee to arrive on that date, obviously subject to factors outside of our control like extreme weather conditions. If you need to change this date, please give us as much notice as possible.

Step 7 – Erecting your scaffold

On the day agreed, we will erect your scaffolding. Having introduced themselves, our fully briefed scaffolders will work with little or no intervention until the job is complete.

We will always make every effort to ensure your scaffolding is exactly what you require. If however, there are any aspects that you are unhappy about please talk to the scaffolders or contact us as soon as possible so we can make the necessary modifications.

Step 8 – Your Invoice

Sorry, but there has to be a painful bit, usually the day after we erect your scaffolding we will send you our invoice. The good news is that when you pay this invoice by the due date we will extend the hire period free of charge so if the job does take a little longer than anticipated you will not incur extra cost.

Step 9 – Off hiring the scaffold

When you have finished with the scaffold you will need to let us know so we can arrange dismantle. Please don’t assume that if we agreed a certain hire period we will automatically turn up to dismantle the scaffold at the end of this period, we will always make sure you have finish your work first.

If the scaffold needs to be dismantled urgently please let us know that you are likely to finish in say a week’s time so we can book you in. We can always change this date by a day or two nearer the time, as long as you let us know.

Step 10 – Dismantling the scaffold

The final step is to dismantle your scaffold and remove it from site. This we will do as soon as we can after the job is off hired.

10 Top Benefits of choosing South West Scaffolding

Guaranteed Reliability

or your scaffolding is free. We operate an efficient work scheduling system and then build in a bit of slack, which means we can guarantee that we will arrive on the day we promised so you can be sure that you don’t suffer the frustration or financial cost of having to wait for the scaffolding to arrive.

Fully qualified and very experienced scaffolders

so you can be confident that our scaffolds are solid and secure.

Fully insured

Unlike many small scaffolding companies who are uninsured we have public liability insurance of £5M for your complete peace of mind.

Quality equipment

All our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained … and we only use galvanized tube so we can erect neat scaffolds that are totally safe and nobody will have to suffer an eyesore outside their home.

Quality Service

All of us at South West Scaffolding pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful so you know that we will be there to solve your problems not add to them. We also hold SMAS and CHAS safety accreditations so you know your scaffold will be totally safe.

Extended hire period

free of charge if you pay your invoice by the due date which means your budget doesn’t change even if you are delayed.

Always accessible

There is always someone available to answer the phone between 7.45am and 5.00pm and we have an answer phone and an emergency number outside these times so we are always there whenever you need us.

Friendly and knowledgeable

Our friendly and helpful Scaffolders are all CRB checked so you needn’t fear who is going to turn up

Risk and Method statements

We can provide written Risk Assessments and Method Statements and drawings and calculations if required.

Approved member of the Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ Scheme

In response to public concerns about ‘rogue traders’, Trading Standards have taken a ground-breaking step of introducing the ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme. We are proud to be the first scaffolding company in our area to be approved.

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Getting a quote couldn’t be simpler, you can email us at, fill out the contact form below, or simply give us a call on 01803 867486.

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